House style for an open city.

In 2002, Edenspiekermann and Thonik designed the new house style for the municipality of Amsterdam. The three Andreas crosses from the city’s coat of arms became the basis for the logo. This is a clear, understandable symbol that is immediately recognizable to all residents and visitors of the city.

In 2014, after a municipal reorganization, the corporate identity was re-examined and cleaned up. The good elements were retained and a number of new building blocks were added to the identity. The logo still consists of three red Andreas crosses, but these are now always on a fixed position on a white band. This makes the municipality even more visible as a sender, from garbage truck to favicon.

Brand development



Images with a wink.

We made clear guidelines for layouts, photography and illustrations. The colours were optimized for screen applications and we developed the Adam family, tools to easily create animations and icon illustrations with a wink.


Accessible for everyone.

Amsterdam believes in openness. All guidelines, templates and tools of the corporate identity are visible to everyone and can be downloaded at  A short video introduces the house style.


A work session to experience the style.

Getting started yourself is the best way to get to know a new style. We organized an interactive work session with the communications staff of the municipality. We made small groups that went to work together on various specially designed mobile workstations. In three short sessions, they worked with a number of building blocks of the new house style. For example, the employees explored the possibilities of Adam by making a stop motion animation with a low-tech version of this new tool. 


Shared knowledge.

After this session, everyone understands the new style better. And the communication staff can manage their designers more efficiently.

Team 2014
Edenspiekermann: Edo van Dijk, Jan Dirk Porsius, Titia Schoenaker, Esther de Meijere, Marieke Griffioen
Thonik: Thomas Widdershoven, Nikki Gonnissen, Milena Spaan

Worksession: Edwin van Eis
Photos sketches: Thomas Schlijper, Nationale Beeldbank

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