I make complicated things easy. For example, by coming up with a clear brand strategy that you can build on. Or by designing a user-friendly and attractive solution to unlock a pile of information.

Together with you and your team

Often there are many stakeholders who all want something. That’s why I prefer to work with you and your team. Thus, we utilize all available knowledge and actively involve everyone in devising solutions. And if I have done my job well, afterwards you feel that it is actually not at all as difficult as it seemed at the beginning.


Brand strategy

Good intentions don’t sell your product or service. It takes more to get your message across. Branding is a holistic way of looking at your business, the marketplace and the products or services you provide. A clear and distinct brand helps you make choices. What are you doing? And what not? What position do you take? And how do you make sure your message reaches your various stakeholders?


Visual identity

It takes a number of building blocks to communicate recognizably with the world. Such as color, image and tone-of-voice. Together with a network of copywriters, image makers, designers and web-builders, I design a brand style that supports your strategy. With the resources to match. Do you already have a brand style? Together, we take a critical look at your current assets and adjust your brand style where needed.


Building your brand

Every organization has stories to tell. These bring your brand to life. All you have to do is collect them and make choices. And translate them into something relevant to the outside world. With the right content and the right form. That could be a video or a website. Or a few good slides you can use to start a sales pitch.